Electric bikes

Electric Bikes from Volto Paves the Way for Future Transport

 Volto has paved the way forward for easy travel around New Zealand with a new electric bike that has been specifically designed for transport around the country. Designed in the New Zealand and made in China, these bikes are fun and easy to ride. Maintenance of the Volto bike is simple and easy, plus anyone that can ride a bicycle will be easily able to ride a Volto electric bike.

Electric bike volto TDE03Z

Electric bike

Solid Performance

The Volto electric bike is a good performer with many dynamic features that will make getting around town so much easier and cheaper.

The main features of this revolutionary bike include:

  • A 300W Hub Motor
  • A 36 Volt /12Ah Lithium ion Battery
  • 32km per hour top speed

The electric bike will travel 30 km on a full battery but if pedal-assisted it can cover as much as 80 km. The Volto electric bike is extremely comfortable and lightweight and has a solid build design and all bikes come with a one year warranty and a 35% discount on the first battery replacement.

3D picture of motor

This is 3D picture of electric bike motor



If you are struggling to find a bike to fit your requirements, then the Volto range of electric bikes offer affordability and a choice of four different models, where you’ll find at least one to suit your riding style and the lithium battery that motors Volto’s electric bikes will last up to four years.

Great Design Suitable for New Zealand’s Undulating Terrain


Electric bike volto cruiser

Volto cruiser

Many roads and pathways in New Zealand can be challenging when going uphill and a conventional cycle just becomes too difficult for most cyclists to negotiate. The electric bike offers that extra power when ascending up hills or whenever the rider needs to take a short rest from pedalling. Moreover, you can use the Volto electric bike in all weathers; even in heavy rain but it is not designed to be submerged in fjords or shallow rivers.

Low Maintenance

The Volto electric bike is such low maintenance that all you will have to do is recharge the battery and with very little wear and tear on the bike, any regular maintenance will mean no more work than you would normally have to do with a conventional push bike.